We are extremely fortunate that our Midas Road property backs right on to Ballarat’s Tier 1 training facilities.  These include inside sand and pro-ride tracks, equine swimming pool, hurdle and steeple schooling ground and a bull-ring for early educational work including loose schooling.


We will also continue to make use of the famous old hill track which winds around Mount Pisgah. As well as adding valuable cardiovascular power to horses, its steep grade also massively reduces pressure on horses’ front legs, which Anthony used to great effect on Flying Cross, producing him to win first up from massive tendon injuries after a 3 year break.


A most exciting and unique addition is the new 1400m straight, uphill, pro-ride track.  This facility is the envy of trainers all over the state and has unsurprisingly seen some big training operations make a beeline for Ballarat.  For more information see:




Proride track

Ballarat’s new 1400m pro-ride training track